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San Diego Down Payment Assistance: Purchase a Home with as little as 1% down

Looking to purchase a home but don’t think you have enough money saved up for a down payment. Conventional Loans for Owner-Occupants Require only 3% down. Don’t have that? Don’t worry! There are many down payment assistance programs out there. This fairly new program is available now in San Diego County for owner occupants (non-investors). When you put down 1% the lender contributes 2%, giving you 3% equity at closing. Lenders can close within 30 days or less. It is also available without monthly mortgage insurance. In certain cities in San Diego county there are income guidelines you must stay below and in other areas there is no max income to qualify. Great low rates!

This program may not be available in the future so look into it quickly. One month’s rent could potentially get you into your dream home. The 2% lender contribution may only be applied to down payment. Loan program is subject to lender minimum qualifications. Please contact me, Lara Bertrand, Metropolitan Realty to inquire and for a referral to a lender who participates in this program.

Contact me for more about this!