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Quick Tips to Make Your Relocation Less Stressful and More Enjoyable

No matter why you’re moving—whether you’ve been offered an amazing opportunity or you’re obligated to move for a less exciting reason—relocation comes with its challenges. Not only is the moving process laborious, but it can take time to settle into your new city and build new relationships.

Nonetheless, relocating is also an adventure, and if you embrace it as such, it can be thoroughly enjoyable. If you’re going to be moving to a new city soon, consider these quick tips to mitigate the stress and help you make the most of the opportunity:

Set up for a successful move.

Before you worry about how you’re going to settle into your new surroundings, it’s important to plan out the moving process. To ensure it goes smoothly, start planning a few months ahead, such as what belongings you will be taking with you, what you will be selling or donating, and how you will go about packing. Also, if you plan on using a professional moving company, be sure to book a reputable company well in advance.

Take a look at your auto insurance.

Before you move, you also may want to revisit your auto insurance plan. Research the minimum insurance requirements in your new state, as well as statistics on how many drivers are uninsured or underinsured. This will help you determine if you need to switch your coverage, and if so, what kind of coverage to get (e.g., less coverage, more coverage, full coverage, PIP, etc.). To make the best decision, be sure to look at different agencies and compare rates.

Make an “Essentials” category.

When you get to your new city, you’ll probably be tired and feeling a lot of different emotions. Before you leave, prepare a checklist of essential items (e.g., toiletries, medications, clothes, etc.) to pack and leave in an easily accessible place in your vehicle. That way, you will have those items to help you feel comfortable during the first week or so at your new home. Also, unpacking and making your bed, along with setting up your kitchen utensils, can bring some familiarity to the new home.

Find essential business establishments.

Another important part of settling into your new surroundings will be to locate important establishments in or near your neighborhood. This includes places like:

  • Drug stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops

It can also help to check for neighborhood activities you might enjoy. Local visitor centers, libraries and coffee shops are often great places to get this kind of information.

Be open to new people and experiences.

It may be tempting to stay shut in when you’re in your new city, but try to take advantage of opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences. Making friends and having fun can help you settle in more quickly. Don’t hesitate to meet your neighbors or say yes to coworkers who ask you to go out on the town. And if you have kids, look for ways to get them connected with other kids their age, as it will help them with the transition.

Find a hobby group.

Finally, you can meet people who share similar interests by joining a group. If you have a hobby—whether it’s hiking, surfing, woodworking, reading novels or anything else—look for groups on social media or sites like Meetup. This will help you step away from your daily obligations for a moment while also providing the opportunity to meet new people.

Moving to a new city can be a stressful and emotional experience, but it can also be a great thing if you approach it the right way. Start planning the move early on, consider changing your auto insurance plan, and pack a few essential items that you can easily unpack when you first arrive to your new home. While you’re settling in, be sure to locate important business establishments, stay open to new experiences, and look for a hobby group to join. Most of all, don’t expect everything to go as planned; just try to roll with the punches and enjoy yourself.

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