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7 Ways to Sell your Home Quickly

The best time to sell a home is within the first two weeks of listing it. It sells for the most profit this way. So. # 1 price your home accurately. Have your Realtor® show you the comparable sales and be realistic about your homes value. Pricing it right from the start has actually been found to get you more money then starting higher and negotiating down. 2. Know what makes your house unique and why a buyer should buy your home vs. the house for sale next door. Paid off solar vs a lease, real hardwood floors vs. faux etc. 3. Make small upgrades for example changing out old light fixtures and rusty faucets etc. Also, a little paint goes a long way! 4. Choose the right time to list. Listing around the winter holidays is not usually the best time as most people are busy and don’t want to move then. Less buyers means less competition for your home which can equal taking a lower price if you need to sell or waiting longer to sell!   4. List your home on a Tuesday or Wednesday to give your home enough time to get buzz worthy without letting too much time pass by and buyers forgetting about it before hosting a weekend open house. 5. Remove any clutter from your home. Help the buyer visualize what the home might look like without your extras everywhere. 6. Make sure your house is visually appealing from the exterior or you may have buyers drive by without stopping in. 7. Choose the right Realtor® who will market your home and not just put up a for sale sign in the front yard. That way your home gets the most visibility and you sell quickly at top price! Hope these tips help. Contact me with any questions.

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