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Budget-Friendly Ways to Prepare Your New Home for Move-In

Why Clean Before You Move-In?

When you move into a new place, there are a lot of things you want to do right away: having the locks changed, installing new air filters in the air conditioning system, and setting up your bed are just a few common examples. One thing you may not think to do is clean your new place. Some people erroneously assume that the previous owners do the honors before they move out. However, you never know what kind of dirt, dust, and grime they may lay behind. Besides, what better way to get a fresh start than with a good cleaning?

Your home’s air air quality may be particularly compromised if it’s had recent construction, new carpet laid, or if it is was painted with a product that contains volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Along with proper ventilation, a thorough cleaning can do wonders to improve your indoor air quality and protect the health of your family. Poor air quality can be especially problematic for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

With that being said, moving can do a real number on your bank account. To get off on the right foot while staying within a budget, be sure to look for weekly deals, cash back and coupons when stocking up on cleaning supplies, even from already-budget-friendly retailers like Walmart.

Throw Fabrics in the Wash

If you are hanging on to any of the old homeowner’s window dressings while searching for your own, go ahead and give them a good cleaning. As long as they aren’t dry-clean only, you can typically remove dust and allergens by throwing them in the wash and drying before hanging them back up. While you’re in the laundry room, have at it and wash your linens, towels, bath rugs, tablecloths, and any other fabric items that may have gotten dusty and gross on the ride over to your new place.

Are left-behind curtains dirty, dingy, and beyond repair? You can replace them without spending a fortune. Amazon has a variety of options that will be shipped straight to your door, and the site frequently offers deals, though you can find extra cash back with a quick online search. While you’re at it, upgrade your curtain rods so your home reflects your style, not the previous owner’s.

Dust from High to Low

It doesn’t take long for allergy-inducing dust to build up in a house. When dusting, be sure to always work from high to low. Not only is it more efficient, it will prevent you from missing spots as you go. Instead of wasting money on microfiber cloths, repurpose an old sock, which is just as effective. Don’t be afraid to break out the tools, either. Try using your vacuum attachment to clean dust off ceilings, corners, and walls. If the vacuum isn’t enough to deep clean vents, try using an electrostatic mop that attracts even the smallest particles. Use a handheld vacuum to suck dust from the casing of your ceiling fan and a soft-bristle brush dampened with a mild cleanser to whisk dirt off of the blades. Give ceiling fan blades a final spray with furniture polish to create a slippery surface that prevents dust from sticking. You can pick up all of these cleaning essentials at a store like Target, but sure to look for discounts and promo codes by spending a few minutes researching online before you do!

Clean the Floors

Once you’ve dusted the whole house, get rid of those allergens by cleaning up all the residue on the floors. When cleaning laminate floors, avoid using water, and don’t waste your money on floor polish– it can actually ruin the laminate. Opt for dry cleaning methods and spot cleaning stains as they pop up. Instead of wasting money on cleaner, hardwood floors can be spruced up with a mild or pH-neutral soap mixed with water. You can deep clean carpets without renting an expensive steam cleaner by combining the power of your vacuum cleaner with baking soda or dish soap.

Doing a deep clean as soon as you move in is the perfect first step for a fresh new start. Remove dust and allergens by throwing any machine-washable fabrics into the washing machine. When cleaning, especially dusting, always go from the top to the bottom to be efficient. Finally, be sure to clean floors with the right methods as the final step in leaving your place sparkling.

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Article by: Kelly Brewer

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